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Take An Extreme Departure From Traditional Methods In An Exclusive 2-Day Weekend Seminar That Will Radically Change Your Life
Everything you need to know about DivorceStopper® Seminars

Why attend a DivorceStopper® Seminar?

There are lots of good reasons to attend a DivorceStopper® seminar.

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    Stop Looking Now if all you want is to know why your life and relationships aren’t providing you the joy and happiness you desire everyday of your life, because those answers are right on this page. The problem you will now have is that the information won’t do you any good without putting some action behind your education. Here is what you came to this page to find out:

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    Your past is either making your life a joy to live (not normal) or like termites, your past is slowly undermining any chance of really living every moment of your life in joy and happiness. If you have been wounded in childhood or in your earlier adult years your you are being slowly eaten alive emotionally. With each passing day your dream of being incredibly and outrageously happy in your life and in all your relationships is becoming hopelessly ruined.

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    What is it that you believe about yourself right now that you know isn’t true? For example, do you believe you don’t deserve to be happy or your will end up sad and rejected just like your mom or dad? That may not be a pretty picture? In your heart you know you won’t be like them, you don’t have to be like them, if only you could just do something different, but you can’t, you’re locked into a path you just can’t seem to change so you’re living life just like they did. Well, how about it, do you really believe that you deserve to be happy?

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    You’re normal, how do you like it? Everyone says it’s normal to be sad a lot. They say it’s normal to be mad and stay mad or react violently to an offensive comment. It’s normal, so they say, to be depressed or to have anxiety attacks. People say a lot of things are normal when normal really means being out of control. Arguments with others seem normal to many because they feel a need to be right. In America we have a normal 57.7% divorce rate. Unhappiness is rampant and accepted as normal within individuals and in relationships. So the choice is yours, do you want to be normal or happy?

To Summarize. Your perceptions of life have built up over a lifetime. Right or wrong, normal or abnormal, these perceptions are who you are and influence the way that you live today. In your mind you’re still carrying the wounds of your past into your everyday life even though you may think you have it under control. These emotionally painful wounds can often be more painful than a physical beating because they still effect the way you feel today. The only way out is to completely extinguish the hurtful past and learn from those events. Using antiquated traditional methods, like the bloodletting doctors did not so many years back this would be painful and only randomly successful.

It may seem impossible to you now but in a weekend, two very short days, the emotional damage of a lifetime will be surgically carved out of your psyche with professional precision using little know but proven methods and techniques of emotional surgery. After the workshop you will have powerful tools to take home to complete the healing process.

If you want support, guidance and fresh ideas about bringing back the love in your relationship, call or email the DivorceStopper Marriage Builder Center.

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Now that I’m happy, life is good for Bill too and he can see where it’s going to get even better.

My friend Alice went. She just went through a nasty divorce. Before going to the seminar she was crying all the time and throwing emotional fits. Heck, since that weekend she has her act together. No fussing and fuming and she has actually had a few dates. After 3 years she’s finally gotten her act together.

P.S. Alice is now happily in the “Separated, Divorced, Widowed” class and Bill and I are in the “Couples” classes. You won’t believe how helpful it’s been to learn additional communicative and interactive skills we can use with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you must attend this revolutionary workshop?

  • This workshop will change your life for the better

  • Emotional mind surgery without emotional bloodletting

  • Clearing old baggage without the nasty mess, without embarrassment or nasty confrontations

  • Your secret and painful past is not revealed to anyone

  • Permanent removal of oldest and nastiest painful anchors

  • So simple the proven methods even work with children

  • Elimination of beliefs you have that hold you back in all aspects of your life

  • How to stop having your “buttons” pushed by unplugging them when they come up

  • Lay the foundation for the magnificent future you always dreamed of and can now have

  • You get a clean new start into the rest of your life

We’ve been to counseling, seminars and workshops before and they didn’t work. Why should we go to your program?

Over the years the methods we use have been clinically proven to surpass any and every other traditional and non-traditional approach to emotional resolution. If there are emotional issues affecting your relationship, our program of resolution is the method of choice and it is exclusive to DivorceStopper and it’s staff. We are so certain that we can make a powerful and effective change in your life that we have a money back guarantee. Did your other counselors or program leaders offer you a money back guarantee?

What Will happened during the seminar?

In the hands of master transformists you will be guided inward to unplug the old and the hurtful baggage from your psyche. The results?

Your life will change dramatically during this amazing workshop. You will find yourself letting go of old baggage faster than you can imagine. Anger, sadness, guilt, fears, jealousy, abandonment, rage, betrayal and all the other garbage you carried into your present relationship from the past will be dropped.

You will also learn about core communication. The amazing mind tool that you will take home with you. You will discover how to help each other when negative or hurtful buttons are accidentally pushed. You will even learn how to go to the center of your emotion and neutralize it yourself if you don’t want anyone else pushing your buttons.

For couples, the end result will be in ridding themselves of the old and hurtful baggage regardless of its source. This of itself can, and often is, enough to bring a relationship into the arms of unconditional love.

How long is the seminar?

Two days, 12 to 14 hours of intensive therapy is all it takes.

When are you coming to my city?

We have the following schedule of cities and dates. If your city is not on the list, not to worry, we will be in your area soon. Better yet take a break and come visit one of the many beautiful cities we will soon be in Schedule.

How much is my investment?

Your investment of only $299 for one person, second person only $99 or $398 for two people and will change your life forever.

How do I get started?

Contact us by phone or email to register for the city and dates of your choice.
by email [email protected] or by phone 1-888-243-8716

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